Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pentagon Bombing on 9/11

The question of what hit the Pentagon has remained unknown and under debate for three years now, overshadowing other issues of the September 11 attacks. Within 30 minutes of the two planes hitting the World Trade Center towers, American Airlines Flight 77 departed from Dulles International Airport bound for Los Angeles. The Boeing 757 was hijacked and crashed, loaded with 10,000 gallons of fuel, at 345 mph into the west side of the Pentagon. All 58 passengers, four flight attendants, and both pilots on board, as well as 125 occupants of the Pentagon, died. Although the blast from the plane and the toxic gas and heat from from the fire killed some people in the offices near the crash site, some people working inside the Pentagon that morning did not know that a plane hit their building.

Military and civilian personnel running up and down the hallways yelling for people to get out and be able to save lives. About 2,600 people working in the Pentagon near the impact site. The fact that alot of people were able to survive this, shows that the Pentagon was built well. Because there were tunnels built under the Pentagon, the fire department was able to go through the tunnels and put the fire out and be able to save a couple of people here and there. Large groups of military and emergency room doctors were waiting for survivors to be brought out of the building. Parts of the airplane were thrown on the perimeter of the building and evidence flags were put on the different parts. The FBI and detectives were walking around conducting their investigation. The military was also waiting outside with body bags to pick up those who didnt make it.

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